When Does a Company Need a Corporate Security Team?

KBR is a private military, engineering, and construction company based in Houston. It was formed in 1998 when Halliburton subsumed Dresser Industries and amalgamated Dresser subsidiary The M. W. Kellogg Co with its own subsidiary Brown & Root. Currently, its American workforce in Iraq numbers 14,000, and it is also said to have the biggest U.S. government contract there – beating out all other Iraq-based companies. Aegis Defence Services is a British private military company established in 2002 by former Sandline International director and British soldier Tim Spicer.
Our team is trained to safeguard employees, visitors and property like equipment, tools and the building itself. Rather than hoping for the best, invest in quality construction site security patrols to prevent significant financial loss. Our private security company is always ready to mobilize and safeguard your site, 24/7. Established in Los Angeles in 1988, Andrews International is a California-based private security firm with offices across America. It also boasts branches in Mexico, Honduras, and Colombia and has operatives in Canada and India. Andrews International provides armed and unarmed security guards for businesses as well as offers specialist government and defense department solutions.
In South Africa, ADT provides armed response teams and around-the-clock surveillance. The firm specializes in “local response” and “national support.” In 2012 its annual revenue exceeded $1.9 billion. The company’s key services include security advisory and training, operational and intelligence support, and strategic communications.
We guarantee that our clients receive professional, competent, and respectful service from our security guards. With the caliber of training our guards receive, we offer our clients the peace of mind they need to plan and execute their events. For the best protection available, partner with the premier provider of corporate security services in Houston, TX. Schedule an assessment today to learn more.
If you self-monitor SimpliSafe, either for free or with the camera recording plans, your system will rely on your business office’s Wi-Fi network. If that’s not an ideal setup for you, you can activate your system’s cellular service simply by getting professional monitoring. Adding cellular service, or cellular backup, improves your business’ security, as it lets your SimpliSafe system alert you and SimpliSafe’s monitoring center whether or not your internet is working. All those pieces of equipment connect to the base station wirelessly, and you only need Wi-Fi to receive alerts and stream video.
Security Services provides clients with the confidence of knowing that their personal protection, corporate security and property are in the hands of the most experienced and best trained professionals. Merrill’s is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of security for your company, your employees, your clients and your facilities. Are you looking for a creative environment where you can implement plans to prevent and solve thefts? If you answered yes, then continue reading to learn about the various duties performed by a corporate security officer.