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Rotation of personnel should only occur if requested by the investigator, or there are officer assistance issues. If the task force is disbanded and later reinstated, the original investigators should be utilized. Primary to the investigation is sufficient manpower to successfully investigate and prosecute the case. The overwhelming consensus from the attendees is that the assignment of excessive numbers of personnel to the investigation may be counterproductive. Additional personnel may be brought in for specific tasks as necessary. • More research is needed to identify specific pathways of development that produce serial killers.
It also contains fingerprints and information on military and civilian federal employees. IAFIS provides positive identification through comparisons of individuals based on the submission of fingerprint data, through both ten-print fingerprint cards and latent fingerprints. CODIS is a national automated DNA information processing and telecommunications system that was developed to link biological evidence in criminal cases, between various jurisdictions around the United States. The field of forensic deoxyribonucleic acid analysis and the legislation that allows DNA testing on a broader number of offenders has made some of the more remarkable advances.
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