Analysis of the Vietnam War Draft Lottery Jonathan Schwartz, M S. Statistics

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To answer this question, we study how the Vietnam draft lottery affected the next generation’s labor market. These findings highlight the strong role family plays in human capital development and occupational choice. Further, with our alternate method—a comparison of draft-eligible men with draft eligible women—the effect becomes significant for those with at least some college education. However, this also works against the college enrollment or GI Bill hypothesis because here the findings reveal elevated mortality for draft-eligible, college-educated men.
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1969 lottery numbers for 19 year old men were called at a rate of 30 per month during the first half of 1970. For example, a man with a #131 was ordered to report for his Physical Exam in February 1970 and classified 1-A, then ordered to report for Induction into the US Army in May 1970. With the maximum of 30 numbers being drafted per month in early-1970, May’s quota of 30 ended up drafting men with the numbers 121 through 150. Registration was resumed in July 1980 for men born in 1960 and later, and is in effect to this present time.
The highest average (i.e. the “safest” month) is assigned rank 1 and so on down the line. With 100,000 iterations, we should have a pretty good idea of what a “normal” amount of deviation is, and where along the spectrum the 1969 draft lottery falls. The chart below plots the total absolute deviations from each of the iterations. For each day within each iteration, a random uniformly distributed position is assigned. It is extremely important that these random assignments come from auniform distribution. Since we are modeling what a fair lottery should look like, all possibilities must be equally likely.
Each day of the year was assigned a randomly drawn number from 1 to 365. So, for example, May 1 might be assigned No. 100, and men with May 1 birthdays would be called after those with birthdays assigned the numbers one to 99. Raymond Roberts Sr, a Vietnam War veteran, won six “Lucky for Life” lottery prizes in the Wednesday, Dec. 15 draw of the Massachusetts State Lottery. Students must be age twenty-five or older at the time of enrollment, complete the FAFSA application, be a TN resident and meet the minimum family adjusted gross income requirement. Forty-seven years ago, the United States held its first draft lottery since the World War II. It was an effort to conscript young men — some of whom had avoided being drafted by going to college — into the U.S. effort in Vietnam.
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